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About me

I grew up in Oregon, and passionately fit the mold of an avid outdoors lover. I find most of my inspiration from my experiences in nature. This is why I passionately campaign for its conservation. On my days off you can find me at the gym, curating Spotify playlists, walking with my pup, or crafting up something new in the kitchen. 

From a young age, I consistently excelled at thinking creatively. I have always thought about projects outside of the box and challenged myself to innovate. I believe that tenacity and hard work go hand in hand and that is what has made me the professional I am today. My experience with brands like Nike, Google, and Xbox has lead to many successful and award-winning projects. My role as an Art Director at Warner Records under the Fan Engagement & Marketing team has made me a creative powerhouse. 

c: (503) 930-6026


Art Director

I am an Art Director with specialties in design strategy, branding, marketing, and social media engagement. I exude exceptional skills in communication and innovation and have over seven years of professional industry experience. I thrive in creative strategy positions while exemplifying proven strengths in collaboration, attention to detail, and technical skills.

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